The Concept-
When we first decided to start Origin Guitars in 2010, our idea was to build the guitar that existed only as a vision in our heads.

Imagine a metal machine – a weapon - sleek, ergonomic and playable to the extreme, with an uncompromising tone.  It would have all the qualities that we would want in a metal guitar without limitations.  The concept from the beginning was to develop both a 6 string and 7 string version of the Convergence.  Though they belong to the same family, the 7 string isn't simply an afterthought, adaptation of the 6 string model as is usually the case with most mass manufactured 7 string guitars.  Therefore the development and final designs of the Convergence 6 string and 7string took similar but slightly divergent paths.

Headstock –

After several rounds of R&D with our original 3+3 style headstock, we realized that we preferred an in line design for the headstock.  An in line and reverse headstock to be exact – Jimi Hendrix had it right when he flipped around his right-handed Strat.  The reverse headstock in effect allows for tighter tension on the lower strings, and makes the higher strings easier to bend, which is especially useful for those who down tune.  Not only that, we simply fell in love with the wicked look.  The prototype guitars that were made for Marty Friedman (the purple/black one) and Terry Balsamo (the white one) from Evanescence for testing purposes both featured our original 3+3 headstock. 

The Neck –

We all have favorite neck shapes right?  So we decided to ask friends like Terry, Marty and many others for their advice.  We assimilated all of the advice we got from the players we respected and proceeded to develop the Convergence neck shape.  Needless to say, this unique blend between a C and D shape is our all time favorite neck shape for both 6 and 7 string. 

ALT5 Neck plate –

As described in the features section, the ALT5 neck plate is the heart of the Origin guitar.  We always knew that the guitar would be based around a bolt-on neck plate.  But it took us a while to arrive at the right combination of material, size, shape and thickness.  And let’s not forget the Thumb Ledge.  If you really use those upper frets, you’ll really appreciate this deceptively simple feature that allows you to anchor your usually wandering thumb.  Using the Thumb Ledge, you won’t be simply reaching for the upper frets, you will be attacking them.

The Body –

It took several rounds of prototypes to get the contours right.  As far as body material, we knew that we wanted to use mahogany for the rich, thick tone that only mahogany can deliver.  But we wanted a light mahogany body – an oxymoron to be sure, but the goal was to achieve this without using the old “Swiss Cheese” trick that one major Iconic American guitar company uses to relieve weight.  We wanted to reduce weight in a functional, and yes, elegant way.  We think that we achieved this goal by applying an original carved arch with scooped horns on top, and a dramatic body cut on the back.

Build Process-

All Origin Guitars are hand built in our custom facility in Los Angeles, California by former Ibanez custom shop luthiers.  These are accomplished luthiers who have built iconic guitars for some of world's most prominent players including Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Mick Thomson of Slipknot, Marty Friedman, Fredrik Thordendal and Marten Hagstrom from Meshuggah, Munky and Head from Korn and many, many others.  We take advantage of all of the latest technology that is available and marry this with old school guitar building techniques. From the bodies and necks, including our own truss rods to the inlays and application of finishes, each step of the build process is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.